Help corrupt Terrain from Git: "Unknown error occurred while loading 'Assets/Terrain/Terrain_0_5.."


first time seeking support directly. Usually I find my answers online but this seems too specific. I have a Terrain I am working on my Main PC. It’s working and loading fine.
I do update unity and packages regularly (I’m on Unity 2020.1.0 rn) - Terrain Tools 3.0.1 preview from the Package Manager.

One day when commiting me Terrain to my Git and checking the Work on my Laptop, after pulling from git, I got this Error:

"Unknown error occurred while loading 'Assets/Terrain/Terrain_0_0_5f153c60-6e59-434b-af76-bf0d78376183.asset'.
UnityEngine.GUIUtility:processEvent(Int32, IntPtr, Boolean&)"

Basically describing, that my TerrainData is corrupted.

I do still have my work on my main machine but I don’t know how to transfer Terrain Data via git without having this happening.

Help would be apprechiated!


I faced same problem.

Replacing in .gitattributes *.asset merge=unityyamlmerge eol=lf with *.asset eol=lf -text fixed it.

Hey @snipeorigin! Just got the same error.
You can try using Git LFS, and tracking the terrain.asset files with it!

Hope you can get it working, regards, Japsu.

Hello! I’m doing a school project and me and my team have the same problem.
We tried this solution, replacing the string in .gitattributes *.asset merge=unityyamlmerge eol=lf with *.asset eol=lf -text but the inssue is not resolved.

I’m the only one who can see the terrain, at the moment.

Thank you so much for this post it completely solved the problem for me. How did you figure this out?