Help creating assets

So I am working on a project, and I want to create a sort of gun, which isn’t TOO much of a problem, but if I wanted to use it at a later point, do I have to combine all the meshes I used? If so, how do I do that?

Also, I just want to confirm that I CAN in fact, create an asset in Unity, and then use it at a later point as just that object? Not the entire scene?

And lastly I was wondering if there was any way to take like a “bite” out of a mesh? Like a cube?

Thanks for your help, I’m pretty new, so any tutorials for these would also help.

You can totally re-use assets. Unity supports the same sort of copy-paste features you might use in a text editor. Or, you can use prefabs, which allow you to use the same asset(s) repeatedly, even keeping them in sync when you make changes.

As far as taking a bite out of a mesh, that’s possible but difficult. :wink: Unity definitely supports procedural geometry, but the hard work of calculating that geometry is left entirely up to you. It would probably be easier to find/buy a plugin, or just edit the mesh in your modeling program if you can get away with it.

Unity has published some great tutorials, here: Learn Game Development Without Coding Experience | Unity

Past that, I see new tutorials and blogs posted around the net all the time. Google is your best friend for these things.