Help finding a good answers forum?

Nobody ever answers the difficult or even the moderately challenging questions here, where can I go to get answers to moderately challenging and above questions?

where can I go to get answers to moderately challenging and above questions?

Probably to a school or any other place where an instructor/teacher gets paid for or has some other kind of extra incentive to dig to the bottom of your question if he hasn’t solved that particular issue himself before and doesn’t know the answer at first glance.

Meanwhile the best you can do is try to make sure your questions are of good quality and don’t raise too many new questions before they can be answered.

A few of your questions have answers. You should accept the answers or comment on them if there’s something wrong with them.

A few of your questions are about using PUN, which is not a part of/made by Unity. I for example have never used it in my 5 years of professionally using Unity, nor have any of my colleagues that i know of. U might have better luck asking PUN questions on their own forum.

A few of your questions are about 2D grid movement. When I Google “Unity 2D grid movement” I get such results as this unity wiki article and this answer on Unity Answers and tens of youtube video tutorials about the subject. If there’s something about those links that doesn’t work for you, you are more likely to get answered if you ask about how to change those examples to work for you, instead of asking someone to write something from scratch, tailored for you. Especially when your questions don’t contain much code showing what you have tried or what is the starting situation.

Grid movement consist of A) moving and B) limiting that movement to a grid. If you don’t know how to do A) ask about that first. Then ask how to do B with the code you have for A. Give us something to work with.

As a final note, this is a community driven site that has thousands of users. Most of them, like you, ask more questions than they answer. The others use their free time without compensation on other people’s problems. It’s simply an impossible equation. Some questions will always be left unanswered. The ones that are most likely to get an answer are the ones that are the easiest to answer (not the easiest problems, but good questions that are the easiest to write an answer for). For example nowadays I use my phone 90% of the time i visit here, so I will skip most questions that require me to write complex code from scratch. If there’s code that needs correcting, i might answer.