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Hello, I am new to developing unity games. I would like to ask you for help on a project. I have to make a 2D video game for my college project. My videogame idea is about a player that has a list of tasks to do, this list of tasks will be related to healthy habits, for example: do 10 push-ups, make the bed, do homework, etc. As you perform a task, your character will level up and you can improve your stats to defeat enemies. There will be about 10 levels in the form of a tower, that is, you finish a level by completing the daily activities and you will advance to the next floor of the tower. I have to start this project from scratch and I have only 3 days to finish it, I need advice on what I will need to create the project.

I feel developing such an involved game in 3 days without previous experience will be quiet challenging. I think the most realistic approach would be doing something similar to a visual novel: a static image representing the room you're in and a bar of buttons with actions you can perform (and perhaps invisible buttons in the image if you want to define hot-spots to interact with). As for the character progression and defeating enemies, I suggest faking it and just showing the task completion progress as stats. Then provably when you "fight" an enemy just check if all the tasks have been performed to decide whether you win of lose.

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Wow, you better get to right into it NOW!

Keep in mind that posting here on the forum will NOT make your game finish itself. That's not a thing.

I suggest you focus on ONE tiny part at a time, just like this guy:

Imphenzia: How Did I Learn To Make Games:

Stop making excuses!

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