help for a noob? will my pc be abel to run unity?

hello community people. I’m debating on whether or not, I should get unity5 (free download) the only problem is I don’t know if my computer will be able to handle the program, and I really don’t want to download something I cant use just because my computer doesn’t have what it needs to run decently. so this is my computer currently.
Acer (touch screen)
windows 8.1
AMD A4-1250 APU with Radeon™ HD graphics with 1.00 GHz
RAM of 3.44 GB,
64-bit operating system x64-based processor

I really hope that’s the information you all need. please send me your feed back or advice you may have concerning my dilemma. I’m not in any rush so answer when it’s most convenient for you. thanks.

I think so(80 or 90% sure.) Try it and find out its free.

This should help you.