Help, I keep getting weird results / artifacts when using transparent textures in Unity

Hi, I’m trying to make a low poly version of a traffic cone that consists of 3 planes, each rendering their faces on both sides. I use a transparent png texture that. My problem is hard to explain but here is a picture:


As you can see, the faces are rendered in front of each other where they are actually behind. How do i fix this?
I am using URP and a normal lit shader set to transparent.

There are two issues with the same resolution, one, you appear to be using the Transparent rendering mode, which is intended for materials like glass. This is why you see a faded sheen where your object is (partial transparency).

To get rid of that you would choose Fade instead. But, the second issue is the sorting. Transparent objects are sorted by their object center and rendered without further sorting (transparent materials). This can cause some objects to appear in front of others when their actual meshes are behind each other.

In your case, your objects are not actually transparent. You should set them to Opaque with Cutout/Alpha Clipping, which will let them render to depth, and sort properly with other objects and themselves.

Heyy, late reply but thank you. This was indeed the issue. It is fixed now