help! i want to speed faster ,don't want to change position length ..


when I tried to do a shoot arrows script,it always has a problem with it

I want the arrows move faster but i dont want to change the position length like move faster.

It will has a problem when I used the collider

I’m a Taiwanese. My English is not good enough.

I hope you guys know what am I talking about… thank you.

here is some scripts I used but not working

transform.position += Vector3.right * 50 * Time.deltaTime;
rigidbody2D.AddRelativeForce(Vector3.left * 50);
transform.Translate(50 * Time.deltaTime,0,0);

My Taiwanese = 0 so you’re better at my language than I am at yours.

I attach a script to the arrow prefab that when fired uses this:

rigidbody.AddForce(transform.TransformDirection (Vector3.right) * (_force / 5));
		rigidbody.useGravity = true;

for an level 1 character _force = 1000 so (Vector3.right) * 200

I could post the full script but a lot wouldn’t be needed by you.

Hope some of this helps.


Sorry been at work. There is a language barrier but there’s always a way round these things :¬)

Can you post some screen shots to show what’s happening and draw on the extra bit’s you want.

Or get CamStudio so you can post a video.

Sorry your English is very good but I’m just not sure what you want.