Help, I'm (kinda) falling!

I suspect this has an easy fix…

I’m making a tower. Because the tower is round I used a cylinder for the floor, complete with its built in capsule collider. When I went to gametest, however, a peculiar thing happened. The PC fell about halfway through the “floor,” and remained halfway there. I could definitely move around, and never fell all the way through. Any idea why this may have happened?

Hmm, I could be wrong but when I briefly tried out the Player Controller when starting my current project I immediately felt the Player Controller was not the way to go. It seemed to have some very strange behavior for the game I was trying to make. But I don’t know enough about the Player Controller to know if that is related to your specific problem.

It sounds like you got stuck on the bottom half of the capsule collider. So the capsule colliders look kind of like a bubble and your character was probably standing on the bottom of the bubble or was inside of it.

I would suggest you use a box collider for a flat floor as long as it extending a bit beyond the cylinder doesn’t break anything.

You might want to take a screenshot of the issue if a box collider doesn’t work or your commited to the capsule collider.

Ok, solved. Not sure why, but replacing the capsule collider with a box collider did the trick.