Help In Moveing objects to another place

Good Day My Friend , i’m a new in usings Unity3D , I have problem in 2D Game which is Moving object from place to another by using Transform .

public Transform CurrentPosition;
 public Transform TargetPosition; 

public float duration = 2.0f;

	void Start ()


void Update ()

this the photo
hope to help me in this Code please .

The simplest way is probably with Vector3.MoveTowards. If you want to use a duration, then Vector3.Lerp might be more appropriate.

Thanks Jessespike for your help i try it before but it doesnt work , both are Vector3.MoveTowards and Vector3.Lerp are moving an object from a point (X) to point (Y) .
But if you Notice in the photo im Moving From POint (x) to Point (y) and Then To Point (z) .
hope to find more help please .

If this an AI-driven movement, you can use a waypoint system, or as suggested Vector3.MoveTowards within a IEumerator to plan timing.