,HELP -- iOS Empty project exceeds iphone size limit !

I’m using unity version 3.4.0f5

When I build an empty project with only one scene, which is empty except for a camera, the app size is 30 megs.

When I use stripping it brings it down to around 20 megs.

Thats still over Apple’s “Over the air” size limit for downloading from the app store.


Is there any way to get an empty project to have a much smaller file size?

Thanks in Advance.

I am not sure about it but the file size doesnt exceed much even after adding two projects.
Like for example when I combined 2 50 mb apps they became 1 60 mb app :wink:

Also I guess the file size decreases when you upload it to the app store

eg: If you build angry bots it comes to about 60-70 mb but on the app store its only 30!