Help! I've sprung a (mesh) leak!

So, I’ve written myself a script for resizing meshes in the editor. It allows me to resize a mesh and its collider simultaneously whether the collider is a box or another mesh. It’s quite handy. The primary usecase is allowing me to resize beveled blocks without distorting the bevel radii the way a straight up scale would. Well, here’s the problem, I get errors like these when I save my scenes which contain such resized objects:

Cleaning up leaked objects in scene
since no game object, component or
manager is referencing them Mesh has
been leaked 1839 times. Mesh
Instance has been leaked 5 times.
Mesh Block_Resizeable_Mesh Instance
has been leaked 9 times

Does anyone know what I should be doing differently in order to stop “leaking meshes”

Thanks in advance!

Check this page friend