Help making a high score with player prefs/displaying it

I have to make a high score display on the game over and menu scene, Right now I have just once you die, it displayes the score you had gotten from that run and then it deletes it (I assume because the data of the score is not being saved antywhere). I have no idea how to use player prefs but basically, from what I gather, I need to save the scores I get and then make the one with the highest value display. I have no idea how… :frowning:
Here is my score script please help (Java and the name is GlobalScore):
static var CurrentScore : int;
var InternalScore : int;

var ScoreText : GameObject;

function Update () {
	InternalScore = CurrentScore;
	ScoreText.GetComponent.<Text>().text = "" + InternalScore;



Hope this helps: make an empty gameObject , then add the script below :

public class ScoreManager{
 public static ScoreManager instance;
 public int highestScore;

 void Awake(){
  if (instance == null) {
			instance = this;
		if (instance != this) {
			Destroy (gameObject);
		if (PlayerPrefs.HasKey ("score")) {
			highgestScore = PlayerPrefs.GetInt ("score");
		} else {
			highgestScore = 0;
		DontDestroyOnLoad (gameObject);
 //it will save the score
  public void Save(){
		PlayerPrefs.SetInt ("score", highestScore);

Now , assign the highestScore when you want (i.e gameover)

if(currentScore > ScoreManager.instance.highestScore){
  ScoreManager.instance.highestScore = currentScore;

Cheers. Wink