Help me. Low-level Native Plugin Interface ?

Hello !!
I have a question.

I was try about it (Low-level Native Plugin Interface) >>Unity - Manual: Low-level native plug-in interface

But I saw display damage. It mean is like Black screen.

It play just only 3 second… 40 frame.

I have a Macbook Pro A 1398. It has window 64bit system.

Graphic card is NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M.

GPU Temperature is 60.0`C
GPU Driver version is recently 2015.2.5 .

I have other NoteBook. but It is no trouble.

Why It has trouble.

Just in case. modify code like As follows:
RenderingPlugin.cpp 579 line
if (g_DeviceType == kGfxRendererD3D11 )//&& g_D3D11VertexShader)

just one line. Remove “&& g_D3D11VertexShader)”

In my opinion think seems so graphic card has high temperature.

The problem is my laptop is always hot.

I am wonder about just code problem or hardware problem.

Self answer. It need dxwebsetup. old version