Help me step by step to make video play on mobile!


I am in a bit of a desperate situation, I am working on a mobile project. As the last step I need to have a button on my canvas (already got that up), when being pressed it plays a video to a user on their phone. The idea is that this will be on Android and iOS. I watched some tutorials online but they did not work on mobile devices.

Then I found out that a script were needed, something like

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;
using System.Collections;

public class PlayHelp : MonoBehaviour
    public MovieTexture movTexture;
    void Start()
        GetComponent<Renderer>().material.mainTexture = movTexture;

But how do I get it into my scene and working? I am running out of time and I just feel like I have hit a brick wall when im soo close to finishing the project.

I have a button on my Canvas, when it is being pressed it should show this video I got in my stream asset folder, but how?

Please help me and guide me through step by step, what stuff do I need to make and where do I attach each part? directly to the button or do I make the button go to another canvas or an entire new scene? (I would prefer to keep it all in the same scene).

I need to have a video texture I assume, but how do I make one and where do I put it?

Looking at Unity - Manual: Movie Textures, it uses an example when you press the space bar, but I imagine you can change that case to a button press.

public class PlayMovieOnSpace : MonoBehaviour {
    void Update () {
        if (Input.GetButtonDown ("Jump")) {
            Renderer r = GetComponent<Renderer>();
            MovieTexture movie = (MovieTexture)r.material.mainTexture;
            if (movie.isPlaying) {
            else {

Reading a bit above that it says once your movie file is added to your assets it works like a texture.

Once your Movie Texture has been
imported, you can attach it to any
GameObject or Material, just like a
regular Texture.

So sounds like you can just drag it onto your gamecontroller or gameobject (canvas it sounds like in your setup)