Help me to fill this Form about your asset store spending by your game dev experience

Form Link:
The results will be shared once again once the from has gathered enough respondents

Big thanks for anybody contributed on the form

i think those values/ranges are so small,
that (for A) most answers will be >100 (so it wont provide much data really..)
and same for C pretty much..

Agree, the questions are not well designed, and there are only three questions. The results will be meaningless.

In the closed publisher‘s forum you also get asset store survey results and editor version usage data. These don‘t include revenues but several publishers openly share their revenues and related insights. If you want data like this, best idea would be to publish an asset and request access to the forum. ;)

The goal of this post is to know how much developers spend based on their game development experience.
Would newbie developers spend on asset store? We all know the experienced will spend. I'm more questioning about the newbies spending