HELP! Most GUI Text mysteriously nudged upwards after update..

I recently installed a second instance of Windows 10 on a new hard disk i bought,
now alternating between the two as part of a slow merging process to the new system.
Anyways, I just installed the newest Unity 5 and merged my projects from the old Windows
and I noticed that some (if not all) of the GUI Text has been nudged a very noticeable portion of pixels
upwards, all over the project… Line spacing seems to be normal (1) and so does the other preferences
as far as I have investigated. If I open the same project in the old Windows everything looks normal.
I COULD just tweak every text manually one by one but that would be a waste of effort and seems very wrong to me…

As shown here, the icon is supposed to appear in the center of the button according to position and scale…

It seems like I’m the only person with this issue, but hopefully not! :slight_smile:

Perhaps look at the ‘pixel perfect’ setting under the canvas. Changing this creates the same effect of nudging things ever so slightly. I don’t know if the default on/off setting of this has changed between Unity versions or if it is new to 5 but it is worth a look.