HELP! My racast wont work!

this is my code:
my character collider is of type: ignoreRaycast…
as you can see the problem is not range or direction (5000 and transform.forward)

public RaycastHit hit; public Transform rayFrom; public LayerMask layerToIgnore; void Updat () { if (Physics.Raycast(rayFrom.transform.position, rayFrom.transform.forward, out hit, 5000)) { print("yas"); } }

the raycast was working and then it stopped i dont quite remember what i did to make it stop. (this is only a snippet of my full script and…yes i did try this by itself).

The problem is that you’ve called your function Updat(), not Update(), so it will never get called by Unity…

As an aside, rayFrom is a transform already, so rayFrom.transform.position and rayFrom.transform.forward should be replaced with rayFrom.position and rayFrom.forward