Help needed! My Prefab won't spawn if it has input actions :(

I have a bug on my local multiplayer game scene where if I spawn on a button press a player he won’t spawn if the prefab has an input actions component (required to read controller values, PS4 on my case).
If i remove the input actions however, the player spawns perfectly and the controller gets assigned correctly, but since it doesn’t have an input actions component it can’t be controlled.

Does anyone know what I could do? Thanks!

I had a similar problem and I solved it by checking the Control scheme. I tested my project with Switch Pro controller and the issue was that on Edit control scheme, it said Switch Pro controller instead of Gamepad for which I made bindings. On next picture, you can now see “Gamepad” which is correct option, while before the issue was that I set Switch Pro controller. You should also check if you did bindings for Gamepad but you listed PS4 Controller in Control scheme options