help needed with javascript.[SOLVED]

i am trying to load my level from the main menu and it just will not work.

#pragma strict

function Start () {



Have you added the Level 1 (BootCamp) to your build settings? try that

Sorry again i thought i had clicked “add new comment” i have put this as the answer as i hav solved the problem. thanks for everyones help. the problem was what D4rt said so i changed the code. and will carry on using the tutorials and docs. i will also watch the unity answers tutorial right now Em3rgency thank you for your help.

here is the code i have used.

function OnMouseEnter()
// change color of text to green
renderer.material.color =;

function OnMouseExit()
// change color of text back to white
renderer.material.color = Color.white;

function Update ()
{ // Load level when left mouse button clicked