Help Please, how can I Do HDRP + custom pass + fullscreen + shaderGraph

I am trying to use custom pass in hdrp and create a fullscreen(imageEffect) using shaderGraph.
(like in : Image Effect Shaders w/ShaderGraph - Unity Tutorial/Showcase - YouTube)
I was able to transfer the screen/custom buffer to rendertexture:

protected override void Execute(ScriptableRenderContext renderContext, CommandBuffer cmd, HDCamera hdCamera, CullingResults cullingResult)
    RTHandle source;
    if (targetColorBuffer == TargetBuffer.Camera)
        GetCameraBuffers(out source, out _);
        GetCustomBuffers(out source, out _);
    Vector2 viewportScale = new Vector2(source.rtHandleProperties.rtHandleScale.x, source.rtHandleProperties.rtHandleScale.y);
    CoreUtils.SetRenderTarget(cmd, RenderTexture);
    HDUtils.BlitTexture(cmd, source, viewportScale,0.0f, false);

now I want a simple Blit like cmd.Blit(RenderTexture, RenderTexture2, Material);
with my Material that will be made from ShadeGraph.
I tried many different ways and was unable to solve this,
however during my testing in some rare cases I did sometimes saw a small triangle that was drawn to RenderTexture2, so I might be missing something related to viewport/scale/etc…

Hey, if any one else got this issue, here is an ugly workaround,
If someone knows how to do it with nicer code and without the big QUAD(bigger then screen),
I would love to know how…

what I did here is basically created a big QUAD that is bigger than the screen, and draw the result on a QUAD using the screen position as the UV… so the QUAD size doesn’t matter and it behave as a image effect…