Help please! Legacy AnimationClips are not allowed in Animator Controllers.

Is it bug? i recorded animation for gameobject in the editor after made it legacy in debug mode, after that i added Animation component to gameobject (Cube) and define this animation clip to the Animation component on the gameobject. Animation is not imported from outside, and object has not include other generated rigs and other, but the console always printing that’s an error. Im not using Animator component, i hate it =))

What i need to do? Tell me please=)

Here’s how we solved this problem in our project:

  1. Look at the Animation Clip in the inspector.
  2. Click the three-bar dropdown next to the lock icon in the top right.
  3. Select debug.
  4. Uncheck legacy.

Hope it works for you…

How did you fix this ?

what is the solution ?

I got this error after having another error that told me to make the animations legacy. So to fix this I just removed the animation from the image and recreated it. It possibly has something to do with a version switch mid build… not sure, but the errors (actually warnings) are gone now.

Yep! I did fix it.