help rotating the camera on mouse click

I’m making a point and click adventure game where the movement isn’t free. When the mouse is on the edge to the right the cursor becomes a right arrow, and on the left - left arrow. I want to set it so when the player clicks when the arrow points to the right, the camera will rotate 90 degrees to the right. I need the script for the camera rotation to be on a collider, and not on the camera itself (or at least be called from the collider). I know I can do it with animation, but it’s a pain setting 4 animations for each collider. I tried doing it with transform.rotate, but the camera’s rotation just jumps to 90 degrees from where it is, and I need it to be gradual.
Thanks in advance

You might want to look at iTween ( It’s free and quite powerful.

Something like the RotateTo sounds like what your after.