help..rotation basics!

ok. so seems that to represent the way my character is facing unity has four ways of doing this.
#1: transform.forward
#2: transform.rotation.x,y and z
#3: Vector3 direction (subtract position form target position);
#4: Euler angles(seems to be worthess cause it’s just direction like vector3 direction in a different format).

so how would i make a code like this:

var pointiwanttoface:Vector3;
var justlookatit:Vector3;
justlookatit = pointiwanttoface-transform.position ;

function Update(){

var rotation = Quaternion.LookRotation(justlookatit);


var converted= tell me how to convert a euler or direction here!!!
if(transform.position.y==converted.y){print("i got my answer!");}


basically i need convert a euler angle into quaterton. or vector3 direction into quaterton so that i can check it in an “if” statement. otherwise i would need to calculate my transform rotation based on transform.forward into eulerangle every frame! seems silly…must be an easier way.

my character is rotating just fine to look at a changing position. i just need to know exactly when his rotation gets to whatever lookrotation. lookrotation seems to be a euler format. i cant compair quaterton.identity or transform.rotation to it in my if statement.

transform.Rotate(0f, 1f, 0f);

//var converted= tell me how to convert a euler or direction here!!!
var converted = Quaternion.Euler(new Vector3(0f, 45f, 0f));

//if(transform.position.y==converted.y){print("i got my answer!");}
if(transform.rotation.eulerAngles.y - converted.y < 1f) {Debug.Log("i got my answer!");}