help script error

i was fallowing a tutorial on YouTube and on a script i get an error and i cant find what i did wrong compared to the video could some one help

public class basestat {
private int _baseValue;             //base calue of stat
private int _buffValue;                 //the amount of the buff to this stat
private int _expToLevel;                // total amount of exp to next lvl 
private float _levelModifier;           //the modifier applied to the exp needed to raise the skill

public BaseStat() {
    _baseValue = 0;
    _buffValue = 0;
    _levelModifier = 1.1f;
    _expToLevel = 100;
//Basic setters and getters

public int BaseValue {
    get { return _baseValue; }
    set { _baseValue = value; }
private int BuffValue {
    get { return _buffValue; }
    set{ _buffValue = value; }
private int ExpToLevel {
    get{ return _expToLevel; }
    set{ _expToLevel = value; } 
private float LevelModifier
    get{ return _levelModifier; }
    set{ _levelModifier = value; }

private int CalculateExpToLevel() {
    return (int)(_expToLevel * _levelModifier);
public void LevelUp(){
    _expToLevel = CalculateExpToLevel();

public int AdjustedValue() {
    return _baseValue = _buffValue;


i get the error Assets/testing/playerstats/basestat.cs(7,16): error CS1520: Class, struct, or interface method must have a return type

if you can see what wrong plz help

never mind i found it the name was the same as the the thing looking for the return