Help stopping texturing one model in editor from texturing all models loaded into project?

I have forty models that are loaded into the assets>>Resources folder for use in my game however when I texture one mesh by dragging the texture to the texture box it textures ALL the meshes with the same texture. Each model has been created in Milkshape and then converted to obj through Ultimate Unwrap so has a ROOT_UU3D moniker to the root mesh but this shouldnt cause the problem as they are loaded as seperate assets.

Anyone come across this before and knows how to fix it?

I solved it in the end, it seems textures that are attached to the model with a modeling package work perfectly but if you assign it in Unity Editor it textures every untextured model in the editor, this then gets updated if you change the texture of one mesh so they all are textured once again with the same texture.

To fix it if anyone else comes across it just assign the texture/material in the modelling package and it will be ok.