Help texturing a Large object

hey guys,

I have a realy, realy big object in 3ds Max(about 5 million triangles)and im stuck on the texturing. Most of the space station i made is mainly 1 texture which can be applied in unity but there are certain surfaces that I need to be different textures. A idea I had was to UV map those special areas, texture them and when I bring them into unity, create a “base” texture and then apply the uv map over the top. I don’t even know of its possible to do that so any other ideas or suggestions would be good.

anyone else dealt with this or knows a way to do what im talking about?

I’m not too familiar with 3DS Max, but I’m fairly sure you can just use a single big texture that holds all of the textures you need for your mesh in it. Then just UV map it in 3DS max and you should be able to just load your max file into Unity with everything still there like shown here. 3DS Max is probably much easier to UV map with, where with Unity you’d have to do it with code which would probably be next to impossible with the mesh you’re mapping.

This single big texture would hold that one texture you mainly use, and any others you may need for the mesh.

Just to clear things up, a mesh has a single material or texture and UV mapping designates where parts of this texture go on the mesh. You can’t UV map “over” another texture or anything like that, that texture would just be apart of the UV map along with any other textures. Maybe you can, but I don’t see why you would.