help to add more details to my project

Hi Unity people

I have created a project for my work, the project idea is briefly about a device that measures skin wetness degree. I finished the work but my supervisor is not happy with it, as it need to add to it some stuff to amaze every client that view it. I am not a very good programmer in fact I know very basic info about JS, the language I used to add interactivity to my project. So I am asking if there is anyone out there in unity 3d world willing to give us a hand and add some idea especially if those ideas required programming skills. I am willing to post my unity3d package file to their email or any other mean of communication they specify.


Thanks in advance.

Unity Answers is about gaining help with specific technical problems. While I’m sure many will sympathise with your situation, this is not a forum to request someone else do the work for you.

Try here instead:

More realistically, you are probably still going to be on your own. In which case, why not search for complete projects on the asset store which have loads of code and assets for you to include in your own project.