Help to find the fps drop problem in game build - Unity 5.6.2f1

Hi everybody, I’m working in a car game and this ever work fine, but recently a frustrating problem have occurred, with the game builded running, after of 5 minutes playing the FPS drops of 40 to 6, 4 and 2 ! When the fps keep 2 all run very slow, and maybe 3 minutes after the fps return to 26 and in few minutes drops again.

I don’t find the problem, could be hardware or software. Has anyone had this problem yet?

I have made a lot of things to make the project run fast and ever that I play the game builded this error occurs. Playing the project in Unity not problem with the FPS, the problem is only with the game builded.

My system is windows 32 bits, 4 GB of RAM, QuadCore CPU and VGA Geforce 9800 GT 1GB. I think that the problem could be VGA or motherboard, but I still hope that could be a software problem.

If someone could help me thanks a lot!

Thanks for the answer Map-Builder, I have checked and increased the memory in windows and don’t solve the problem. I think that my VGA is dying :confused: , in game temperature of 124 c°, when the recommend is until 105 by Nvidia.

Check your memory load, you probably make tons of new objects or strings updates.

But not accurate enough. It’s a bit like you’re saying 'hey my car is red, but I don’t know why".