Help to get access to the parent

As to objects Dagger, Fish, …noName to receive object 3alt text
Without knowing a name. The tag doesn’t approach because these objects can have other parents.
There are ideas?

transform.parent.transform.parent.gameObject.GetComponent or something else you need

If you just want to get parent in second iteration (parent of parent) then:

GameObject parent2 = transform.parent.parent.gameObject;//of course if parent might not be there then the second line of code after this one should be if(parent2 != null)

You can also use just tranform returned by parent if you don’t need anything else from your gameobject (e.g. transform.parent.parent).

Though if you’ll want to get some particular componenet then instead of goint up by parent line and using GetComponent you can use GetComponentInParent or GetComponentsInParent.

The choise pretty much depends on what behavior you expect and if that parent has some uniquiness or not as well as if it will be always second iteration.