Help to understand the network solution

Hi guys, I'm getting started with multiplayer game development. But I have quite a few doubts about this.
I have a project already done in Unity, it uses UNet and Unity Networking, which must be updated since UNet will be deprecated....
But here's what I don't understand, what do I have to change to no longer depend on UNet? And what technologies could you use to grow the project?

In the game, someone creates a room and it is joined by up to 20 players, like AmongUs.
If I'm not mistaken, a P2P architecture is being used. Nothing else is being used outside of UNet in its free version.

Can anyone help me understand all this and find my way to upgrade to another framework?

Thanks .

AmongUs uses a P2P architecture over a relay server. A lot of networking solutions support this. Mirror does support it if you use a relay based transport. Photon Unity Networking uses a cloud based relay. Our new Netcode for GameObjects (formerly know as MLAPI) networking also supports this.

As for which one to chose when upgrading from UNet. The most similar is definitely Mirror which is a Fork of UNet but with a lot of improvements. Mirror has an upgrade guide to migrate from UNet which you can find here.

There are also other third party solutions around. For which one to chose I'd recommend these two resources:

Finally we at Unity are building our next netcode solution "Netcode for GameObjects". It is still experimental currently but is our new official networking solution. We've created an upgrade guide for UNet as well but upgrading can sometimes be a bit tricky. If you decide to go with "Netcode for GameObjects" and run into any issues with upgrading, let me know.

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