Help? Unity adds motion in-between frames in imported animation

Hello, i dont know whether this is a bug, or if i have done something wrong, but i have created a skin animation in 3dsmax, exported it via .fbx and imported it into unity, but the animation, which was smooth in max, now has a large jump inbetween frame 3 and 4 when i scrub through the animation in unity (frames 3 and 4 are identical, but at 3.5, it has jumped upwards. It is animated to make a large movement after frame 4, so it looks as though this problem is unity adding a tangent but theres no tangent in the animation window.) Has anyone come across this before? if so, how could i resolve it?

Attaching a picture so we can see what you are talking about would be nice.

But I’m guessing you just need to set the keyframes to have no ease-in/ease-out.

You can do that by right clicking a frame/frames and select “Flat”.

similar like the answer above stated there is a tab at the top of the unity named window. Find animation(not animator), then once you have clicked on animation a grey window will pop up and it should be blank to look at your animation and fix it in unity click on the mesh or object over to the left of you screen without closing the animation window. You can then look at x,y, and z positions frame by frame. to change the way you object moves click and drag one of the frames up or down.(you may have to zoom in)


Also, check export options for Keyframe optimisiation and turn it off.
If that doesn’t work go back and add more keyframes and failing that Modify your animation curves in the editor to Smooth out your erroneous frames.