Help Unity Script to C#!!

In my project I had written scripts in js but have come to the realization that C# is the better route to go as I am now having to written Scripts in C# The one problem I have is converting
static var materials : Material[]; materials = new Material[5]; into C#. The reason I want this is because I have a set of Materials, lets say Brick, Stone, and Copper. Whenever I certain button is pressed it would set var materialCt to a number that I have designated for each Material and then set materials to the correct material

materialCt = 0;
materials[0] = materialBrick // materialBrick being of type Material

Would I have to do so using List materials = new List()?
or is there a better way?
Thank You

Its your choice you can still use array but if you want to use list

using System.Collections.Generic;

class yourClass : Monobehaviour {

     List<Material> materials = new List<Material>(5);
     int materialCt = 0;
     public Material materialBrick;

     yourReturnVariable yourFunction{
        if( brickButton ){
           materials[materialCt] = materialBrick;