help using a C sharp class from javascript

I'm having problems with using the Triangulator from the wiki, using javascript.

I tried to write

    var vertices2D:Vector2[];
function Start(){
    var vertices2D = [Vector2(0,0), Vector2(0,50), Vector2(50,50),
        Vector2(50,100), Vector2(0,100), Vector2(0,150), 
        Vector2(150,150), Vector2(150,100), Vector2(100,100), 
        Vector2(100,50), Vector2(150,50), Vector2(150,0)];

    var tr = new Triangulator(vertices2D);
    var indices:int[] = tr.Triangulate();

var vertices = new Vector3[vertices2D.Length];

for(var i = 0 ;i<vertices.Length;i++){
        vertices <em>= Vector3(vertices2D_.x, vertices2D*.y, 0);*_</em>
 <em>_*var msh:Mesh = new Mesh();*_</em>
 <em>_*msh.vertices = vertices;*_</em>
 <em>_*msh.triangles = indices;*_</em>
<em>_*var newObject:GameObject = new GameObject("newObject");*_</em>
<em>_*newObject.GetComponent(MeshFilter).mesh = msh;*_</em>
<em>_*<p>as an attempt to convert the "PolygonTester" example into javascript, but*_</em> 
<em>_*I get an error with "var tr = new Triangulator(vertices2D):" line. saying:</p>*_</em>
<em>_*<p>unknown identifier: triangulator.</p>*_</em>
<em>_*<p>should I place the Triangulator c sharp script somewhere special in order for it to work?</p>*_</em> (section 4 in particular)