Help with a key sequence

Hi everybody, I’am actually working on a little game with two friends, the thing is that we need to make a sequence of keys like a, s, d, f and after pressing those keys in the correct order the game should make a sprite appear in the background, but we’re pretty noobs with c# (what we want to use) and I’d love if someone could help us bringing up a code in c# as example.
Thank you.

Hey buddy,

Here i have attached the

[1] . Make a script of that and assign to the gameobject.

Then in the inspector, under the ***KeySequence*** list; set the *sequence of key* you wanted(like a,s,d,f that you have mentioned in your question).

For your example of a,s,d,f sequence : Set the size of *KeySequence* variable in inspector to **4** and then select the A for first index, S for second index and so on...

That's it. Run the game and have fun with your friends !!

Hope this will help and ask for further help you needed.