Help with AddForce + dragging objects


I'll give you an example of my problem:

I have 2 cubes with rigidbodys. I use AddForce in cube n1 to control it. When I attach cube n2, the extra weight will affect the direction/velocity. This is my objective.

By attaching both of them with a joint I achieved that objective. The problem is that they are not securelly connected, i.e., they "wobble" as if they are connected by a spring.

The effect I wanted is that of a magnet, but with the added effect of the weight dragging of cube n2.

How can it be done?

You can parent the 2nd object to the first and then alter the weight and centre of mass with scripts.

After moving the centre of mass you need adjust the position where you apply force because by default, AddForce applies force at the centre of mass.