Help with animation transitions please


I’m trying to make something basic, just for learn how it works the animations.
I’m using mixamo animations.
I’ve an animation “GreatSwordSlash” if I check the animation directly moves perfectly.
In the animation controller I’ve a transition from a BlendTree animation to the “GreatSwordSlah” and I’ve a mistake or something wrong in this transition because the preview transition the animation moves in a very bad way,

I attach a video where you can see this setup.

Thanks!! (and sorry for my english)

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Maybe the animation is configured to loop and the curve is weird?

At 01:26 of movie you can see that you lose most part of this sword animation for transition - this is marked by this triangles on animation rectangles, this part will be going from one animation to another… so in first there were no turn around with sword… but it will be mor important in transition…

So just make this transition shorter (for sure you know, but maybe somine will look this - is inisde this mini Settings tab), or exit from this previous aniamtion when its end without transitioning…

Hope will help!

BTW sory for mistakes… hate writing on phone…

Thank you works pefectly!!!