Help with animations Blender 2.57 fbx to Unity

Hello. I am looking for help because I cannot get animations to work properly after exporting from blender 2.57 (fbx) and importing into unity. I split the animation and it can play the first one, but not the second, third, etc. I had set play automatically off and was switching between the animations with a script, but for some reason it won't play the other animations. I have tried on different models even a box rigged to move back and forth. Thanks for any help you can offer

This how I do it.

I do not export as fbx. I just drag the blnd file to unity.

In blender when I make the model I make different animations (using the action Editor) I make an idle. Then hit the plus+ in the action editor make walk ,plus+ run etc

so when I drag it to unity I will have all the animations separate already.

I hope this helps

look at this image:

sami’s suggestion is flawed since 2.57 doesn’t allow you to drag the .blend file into unity (a known problem which persists with 2.58 too).

To properly export all your animations, you just have to assure that the
checkbox in the fbx export panel is checked.
Once you do this, your model will import both the ‘Default take’ timeline (a sequence of all the actions one after the other, which can be manually split), and all of your animations in the file.