Help with animations

Hi. I’ve been having trouble with getting animations to work. I’m using Unity 5.4 and I’m using Daz3d to make the models and animations. I’m just trying to make a simple inhale/exhale animation. The first problem I had was I would create the animation in Daz3d using the timeline piecing the animation together frame by frame with the sliders, and then import both the model and animation to Unity via .fbx. The animation would play fine in the inspector box, But when I would place the model in the game and try to play the animation, the animation would play, but the model didn’t even move and it looked like the animation was somehow attached to the hair and clothes instead of the model itself because the hair and clothes would start moving. So I did a look up on what to do and I read that you have to bake the animation to the timeline. So I deleted the model and animation and tried it again, this time using the AniMate Lite option as well as the pre-made breathing animation given. Then I baked the animation to the timeline and once again exported the model and the animation, but now the animation won’t even play in the inspector box and the model in the game won’t move. Both times I did add an animation component to the model and dragged the animation from the project menu to the animation box. I’m still pretty new to trying to create games on Unity, so I have no idea what I’m doing wrong or what I should try next. One more problem I’ve noticed is that when I export models to Unity, the model in Unity is completely blue and the hair glows white compared to how it looked in Daz3d before exporting it with the skin color and hair color. I don’t know if it is because I added a night time Skybox to the scene or not. But it seems like ever since I added in the Skybox, all of the models are blue and the hair is glowing white. With all of this trouble I’m having, I really hope I don’t have to restart this project because I’ve put a lot of time and effort into creating everything the way I want it.

I’ve never exported from Daz but I’ve found if the animation plays correctly in the inspector box but not in the game- its probably one of these issues-

-The model in the game doesn’t have an “Animator Controller”
-The model has an animator controller but the animation hasn’t been added to the controller
-The imported model is not set to the correct “animation type” in the Rig tab- try changing it to “humanoid” if it is “generic” or vice versa