Help With Audio Ne body plz

Hi, I have a project where in i want to store an audio with and corresponding question and when the user clicks the question respected audio plays please help i have and urgent project

When you say "the user clicks the question", do you mean a line of text that they can see on screen? Or is it an object in the gameworld?

If it's something in the interface, then it's just a button. Take a look at the Unity GUI Scripting guide which shows you how to create buttons and how to style them. By default, buttons have a black graphic behind the text (hence why you'll need to look at styling them if you want something different). If you want a transparent background, a very quick method would be to make a button look like a label:

// using Rects
GUI.Button (Rect (10,140,180,20), "This is a button", "label");

// using automatic layout
GUILayout.Button("This is a button", "label");

You can style the button to look like other GUI controls too. The page I linked to explains it all.

If it's an object in the world that you want to be clickable, just add the following to a script on that object:

function OnMouseDown () {
    // code here to play the audio, for example:

A similar question regarding clickable objects was asked here which has another helpful answer from Duck showing how to respond to the different mouse events (mouseUp, mouseEnter etc)

As for playing the audio, take a look at Duck's helpful answer on this question which illustrates the different approaches. If you're going down the GUI route, it might make sense to store all your audioclips in an array, then when the player clicks on a button, retrieve an item from the array and play it. You can read about arrays in the Unity Docs and in this helpful blog post.