Help with Character Controller Movement Along Vector path

Hi I am using an a A* Pathfinding solution to get a vector path and it works wonderful. however I am now having issues moving my objects character Controller along that path. I am using the below code. What Happens the objects moves along at its Speed towards the first VectorPoint in Vectorpath, then it slows Down to a CRAWL for a few seconds until it actually hits that exact vector point, then it moves normal to the next then crawls etc etc.

The result i want is the unit move at a standard speed throughout the whole path of Vectors then stops at the exact point of the last Vector.

It would be even nicer if somebody could help me figure out a way to get it to rotate at a “rotate speed” towards the next vector point before moving.

public void Update ()
	if (path != null) { // if unit has a Path to follow move along the path
		MoveAlongPath ();

public void MoveAlongPath ()
	if (path != null && currentWaypoint >= path.vectorPath.Length) {  // Reached the end of the move
		moving = false;
		performMove = false;
	if (performMove == true && uAttributes.moveable == true && path != null) {
		Vector3 dir = (path.vectorPath [currentWaypoint] - transform.position).normalized;
		dir *= uAttributes.baseMovementSpeed * Time.deltaTime;
		controller.SimpleMove (dir);
		Vector3 my2dPosition = new Vector3 (transform.position.x, 0, transform.position.z);
		if (Vector3.Distance (my2dPosition, path.vectorPath [currentWaypoint]) == 0) {

Im also using this project and you got a script called AIPath. You can see in the examples how the guy inherits from this class. That script is perfect to move with character controroller. Maybe you need to set some public variables to your needs, but overall it does everything you asked