Help with Cinema 4D light Mapping


I’m new to C4D but not to graphics in general or similar packages. I like C4D but one thing is driving me nuts and I haven’t been able to find a solution to it on the forums. I’ve been trying various work flows with C4D and Unity for the past couple weeks. I realize that Unity can now light bake internally, but I’d like to light bake in C4D then bring my models across. For me it is still a fairly tedious process and I’ve been told that it should just ‘work’ now. So I’m hoping that someone can tell me if it should be easier, and if so how.

Here’s what I do at the moment:

  • I bake my object with lighting and ambient occlusion
  • I then export my model as an FBX file with “embed textures” turned off
  • the FBX file is placed in the same folder as the “…Ambient_Occlusion.jpg”
    and “…Surface_Color.jpg” files under my Unity project assets folder
  • it is then read it by Unity

But, the problem is that I end up with a separate empty material in Unity for every sub object in my hierarchy and there is no material that includes the lighting or color information from the light baking.

My work around at the moment is to create a new material in Unity which is a “lightmapped/diffuse” from under the “legacy shaders” presets. The I drag the “…Ambient_Occlusion.jpg” file onto the lightmap channel and the “…Surface_Color.jpg” onto the Base(RGB) channel. Then I have to manually drag and drop this material onto every little sub-object in my hierarchy. This is very tedious for a large object.

I have also tried just getting Unity to reading the .c4d file but with the same result. I have also tried a number of different scenes and models, and always the same.

Any thoughts? thanks…

This seems to work fairly well…

  • See: Cinema 4d GI Baking with Importing into Unity Pro - YouTube
  • need to do double baking to get the luminance and ambient occlusion channels into the color channel that Unity sees
  • first bake with (AO, Illumiate), into a “tempBake/” dir
  • then bake again into the model directory under the Unity project assets folder, with (AO, Illumiate) off
  • export the FBX file into the same directory as the final light baked texture

… and if you want to do more light baking in Unity, be sure to turn on ‘Generate Lightmaps’ for imported objects from C4D. This gives you the flexibility to do lightmapping in both C4D and Unity.

Thanks mgvideographer!