Help with clouds -- Is it possible to procedurally generate them in a 2d game?

Not exactly familiar with even 3d procedural generating, but remember doing it with trees and grass a while back for a demo project. I’m working on a 2d project right now and have 4 different sets of clouds, each with a long animation moving across the screen to simulate cloud movement. First off is there a better way to do that? Second off would it be easier to procedurally generate them (if it’s even possible)?

My main goal is just to have clouds moving in the sky for a cutscene and for gameplay, but as with every game MY clouds have an artistic style and color, it’s not just white squiggly circles of white, so it needs to be the clouds I created or something similar. Any tips?

why you need to generate it procedural? you can generate sprites procedural but if you already have the 4 clouds why would you want that? the best performance way of doing this is just having instantiate the number of clouds need it and just use a pool for repositionate them.