Help with creating realistic interactable 3D Balloon


I want to implement a balloon like object that can bend, twist based on user’s input. I tried the following options but failed to get a right outcome.

  1. I tried to make all vertices react to an external transform ‘control point’ using vertex point’s position relative to control point’s transform and distance from control point. It had a cool output but if I moved control point too far it would lead to jagged edges on the mesh.
  2. I tried using the spline mesh plugin

SplineMesh | Modeling | Unity Asset Store

It worked well for bends but turning and twisting the spline nodes would lead to undesirable output.

I am not sure if I should invest more time in either of the above approaches.

I am thinking that Metaballs might be useful but I have no idea how it works.

Can anyone please guide me on this ?

Mush appreciated!!

So what you are trying to do is softbody deformation. I probably wouldnt try to rig the balloon directly unless there are specific reasons for doing so. i.e. performance/ control

If you have specific deformations then something like blend shapes with some sort of rigging may work too.