Help with GUI Currency

Hello I have the GUI all ready done but all I need is when I run into a ONTRIGGERENTER script, my Bottlecaps will add one to the GUI Label! ALSO I have my ontriggerenter as a javascript file haha so any help would be appreciated!

protected float m_BottleCaps = 0.0f;

string BottleCaps
			return ((int)m_BottleCaps).ToString();

// display a simple 'Money' HUD
		DrawLabel("", new Vector2(Screen.width - 130, Screen.height - 710), new Vector2(80 + m_HealthWidth, 52), AmmoStyle, Color.white, m_TranspBlack, null);	// background
		if (MoneyIcon != null)
			DrawLabel("", new Vector2(Screen.width - 40, Screen.height - 700), new Vector2(32, 32), AmmoStyle, Color.white, HealthColor, MoneyIcon);			// icon
		DrawLabel(BottleCaps, new Vector2(Screen.width - 210, Screen.height - 713), new Vector2(110, 60), HealthStyle, HealthColor, Color.clear, null);	// value
		DrawLabel("Caps", new Vector2(Screen.width - 88, Screen.height - 695), new Vector2(110, 60), AmmoStyleSmall, HealthColor, Color.clear, null);	// percentage mark
		GUI.color = Color.white;

I’m not sure why you’re converting your bottlecaps to string. Nevertheless, in your collision script something like:

void OnCollision(Collision other)
    if(other.tag == "Player")
    {//I have no idea what your scripts are named or how your scene is set up, but something like this
       GUIManager guiManager = GameObject.FindWithTag("GUIManager").GetComponent<GUIManager>();



If you don’t have an AddBottleCaps function, you will need to make your m_Bottlecaps variable unprotected and public.