Help With GUI Stop and play other Sound ?

Hi guys, i have created this script it basically plays a song when clicked on and that's all good but i would like to ask your help with something. what i want to do is if i click on my GUI button while the song is playing i want it to stop the track. This is if i click on the same GUI if the music is playing.

Here is the script :

  var MyAudioTrack1Naruto : AudioClip;
     //var MyAudioTrack2Naruto : AudioClip;
       //var MyAudioTrack3Naruto : AudioClip;
         //var MyAudioTrack4Naruto : AudioClip;
           //var MyAudioTrack5Naruto : AudioClip;

     function OnGUI () { 

       //Make the first button

        if(GUI.Button (Rect(10, 20,105,20),  "Play Track 1 (Naruto Enter) ")){
           if (!audio.isPlaying){
                audio.Stop(); //if something else is playing stop it and then play track 
                 audio.clip = MyAudioTrack1Naruto;


Oh and thanks in advance :)

In your inner condition you call audio.Stop() only when audio.isplaying==true!

Try this:

var myTrack : AudioClip;

function OnGUI() 
  if (GUI.Button(Rect(10,20,105,20),"Start/Stop Track 1"))
    if (audio.isPlaying) audio.Stop();