Help with GUILayout and tooltip(C#)

Okay so, I really suck at UI programming. It just kind of hits me like a brick wall and stalls my progress for days every time I have to do it. I see nothing wrong with my code, and I am getting no errors, but the tooltip will NOT show up.

What am I doing wrong? (I do have an inventory system already set up, and the names show up properly.)

void OnGUI()
		int tempinv = 0;
		GUILayout.BeginArea (new Rect(30, 30, 500, 500));
		foreach(GameObject items in inventory)
			GUILayout.Button (  new GUIContent(inventory[tempinv].GetComponent<Item>().name, "

" + inventory[tempinv].GetComponent().tooltips.text), GUILayout.Width (500), GUILayout.Height (50));
GUILayout.Label (GUI.tooltip);
GUILayout.EndArea ();

Remove the newline character "
" and it should work. No need for the new line because the text on the button and tooltip will be in separate areas.