Help with Height map?

I am really, really new to Unity (but its been great so far!) and I found out the other day that you can import height maps for your terrain. I found a tutorial the other day and they used Photoshop to edit it and get to be a raw. So I did all that and in the end found out my resolution was too big. Does anyone have any tips, better tutorials, or suggestions they can give me? Thanks!
(Also, any terrain beginner tips and or tutorials? Thanks! :D)

I think the maximum heightmap resolution is 4097 per terrain, but i’m not completely sure about that. Anyway - this doesnt matter a lot, since you probably want to go with a lower resolution like 2049 or 1025. A too high resolutions will have a quite big impact on render performance, especially when terrain details and vegetation come into play.

Depending on how big you want your terrain, you have several options.

  1. For a limited number of tiles and a one time import, you could split your data manually into raw files using photoshop and import them in several unity terrains.

  2. If you don’t want to do this by hand, you may check out the example linked on ScrawkBlog (Note: I didn’t test the example project he linked there, but usually he provides pretty good info over there.)

  3. Should you plan to work with really huge terrains, that won’t fit into memory, you will need some kind of (preferably async) loading process, a terrain tile and a location manager. This is where it gets pretty complicated and i would suggest you try something smaller first to gain some experience. (or check out the asset store for existing solutions)

One important thing to remember if you work with more than one terrain, is to call SetNeighbors on those terrains, so unity can handle lod on terrain borders correctly.

You may also want to check out the answers here and here to a somewhat similar question.