help with import axis

I imported a model from blender and z is the up axis i thought I had checked the box to rotate when exporting for blender but it didn’t happen how can I rotate model in unity to make y the up axis thanks

I have been encountering this problem and eventually found workaround. I have posted my answer in the forum ( but I will duplicate it here for reference:

Steps to solve problem:

  1. Select object in Blender and rotate on X-axis by -90 degrees (don’t panic! we’ll fix it for Blender and Unity)
  2. From “Object” menu select “Apply > Rotation”
  3. According to Blender the object is no longer rotated. Rotate object by 90 degrees and presto!

Orientations are now correct in both Blender and Unity with rotation (0,0,0) in Unity and (90,0,0) in Blender!