Help with JSON creation and parsing in Unity script

Hey people, I am creating this kind of application. Want to store entire Application data and Game Object Data in JSON OR if you guys can suggest some other way around to store this values till the application is running.If user opts to save the state then would save these JSON permanently. Here new information would be added as am when new element is added into the scene or if a bond is created between objects. The problem here is am completely new to JSON so don’t know much about it. Is it possible to GENERATE JSON and store it in string format OR create a JSON file and store the values in this file.Would require to add data as an when above mentioned event occurs. Which JSON parser is good for this. Would prefer something in Unity Script as most of my script are written in Unity Script. Basically confused with generation of JSON.

I would suggest taking a look at SimpleJSON:

The page contains several examples, but basically you can use this to parse JSON:

var jsonObject = JSON.Parse(the_JSON_string);

And this to turn JSON object into a string which can be saved easily:

string jsonString = jsonObject.ToString();