Help with Jump Animation

Hi All,

I’m trying to build a small scene with 2D Beat em up mechanics and right now my char is able to Idle, Walk, Dash and theoretically Jump.

All my animations are based on the 0,0,0 location except the Jump Animation.

For some unknown reason, the jump animation is not working properly, sending my char off the screen and after a while it comes back.

Its a simple Y Only animation that i moved 1 pixel up from the origin.

Right now my char has a rigidbody2d with Is kismet flagged and my Animator has a Apply Root Animation.

Could someone Help with Jump Animation?

You need to disable “Apply Root Animation” checkbox, and make jump animation more than 1 pixel. But if other animations depend on this feature like run animation that push char left or right then this not an option. In that case i suggest to use lower transition time from jump animation to other animations that start after char landed.

hi Inok, made the animation with exaggerated Y value and de selected Apply Root.
Now my char doesnt move from its origin place.
The only animation that has any movement is the Jump, all the others are static. If i leave Apply option on i can move etc only the jump animation is all wierd and not working as animated